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Emmanuel Sells
Bus 154
Professor Patterson


Intentional torts against property
Infringement – unauthorized use of another persons intellectual property Usage- unreasonable interference
Negligence- a person unintentionally injuring another person. Can be sued

Commercial law-
UCC- uniform commercial code
Article 2- selling of goods by merchants
Applications, Merchant obligations, formation of contracts, proof of contracts, performance of obligation under contracts, risk of laws, excuse for non-performance, remedies

Article 3- documents used in lue of money but perform the same functions of money Article 4- banks and deposits
Article 4a- electronic transfers
Article 7- documents of title
Article 8- corporate security. Voting, security, rights
Article 9- secured transaction. Using collateral to secure the loan Elements of a crime
Proper state of mind, specific intent, conscious indifference, insanity, intoxication, infancy Rationale for these laws (purpose)- deterrence, rehabilitation to change character, retribution Classification of laws- solicitation – recruiting a person to commit a crime, conspiracy, burglary, accessory crimes Traditional crimes- murder, manslaughter, rape, battery, assault, arson, receiving stolen goods Moral crimes- drug laws, inconsistent application, gambling laws, prostitution Business crimes- fraud- use of information to commit a theft crime. 1. Must be misrepresentation of factual information 2. Information must be material 3. Knowledge 4. Intent to deceive 5. Reliance on false information 6. Reliance is justifiable 7. Causing economic losses Contracts- 3 key concepts 1. Facilitate commerce –how you do business. Keeps economy afloat. 2. Contracts enforced in a court of law. 3. Future orientated. As economy changes, contract law changes. 1/3 exam 2 is contract law. Commercial law. Consumer protection. Merchants have advantage over consumer. Commercial law made to protect consumer Uniform electronic transaction act 2002, formation of co...

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