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155487975 Professional Development For Strategic Managers Essay

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Edexcel Level 7
Extended diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

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Personal and Professional strategic management skills
1.1a: Importance of personal and professional skills 03 1.1b: practical methods to improve skills 04

Personal skills audit
2.1a: skills audit 05
2.2b: preferred learning style 08

Personal Development Plan
3.1a personal development plan 10
3.2b monitoring and evaluation of the plan 12
3.3c impact of own learning against the strategic goals 12

Conclusion 13

Task -01
Personal and Professional strategic management skills
1.1a: Importance of personal and professional skills
Carrying out meetings is a main activity of setting strategic goals and making strategic decisions in an organization. The manager must have specific ability to running the meetings and making presentation. The presentation should cover all essentials and not be too long and boring. Otherwise the decisions taken in the meeting cannot be successfully practically implemented within the organization and also the presentation should be meaningful and interested. Therefore the organizational success is depending on the success of the meeting (Hersey, and Blanchard 1977).

The time management is most important. When we are doing a business, every activity has a particular time frame. If we start before the time frame it cannot fit and also if we were late it was also missing out the situation, therefore deadlines were most important to consider. So time management is very essential to go forward the business functions.

When working in the organization the stress is a common situation. Therefore the stress management is a personal skill of the people. The main requirements for the stress less situation were time management, maintaining the good health habits, clear mindset and etc. The stress out situation of the individual will help to maintain the friendly environment with subordinates and colleagues, control responds to others, improve own health status and so on (Monks, & McMackin, 2001)

Leader is the most influential person in the organization. There are lots of examples that the leader can improve the business as well as bankrupt the business. The leadership skills were very essential to the organizational existence and long time survival. The leader should have ability to initiate others, influence others decisions, better organizing ability, understand the future and trends and so on. Therefore we can see the leadership skills are also required professional skills to the personals in their carrier life (Katzenbach, and Smith, 1994)

The each and every profession use specific professional knowledge for their working load. So they must carry out professional education about in any professional body. Therefore this knowledge is also important to professional development and carries out quality work in the organization.

Due to strategic decisions of the organizations will change their current systems in to new systems; therefore the employees must have ability to adapt to these systems. If they were lacking of knowledge working there those employees were not suitable to those organizations. Therefore the personal and professional skills were very important. Bowie, L., and Bronte, J. (Dec 2006) THE IMPORTANCE OF PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR YOUTH WORKERS (Accessed on 26th March 2011)

1.1b: practical methods to improve skills
The report written skills and presentation skills of top management are required to achieve strategic goals. The learning programs were carried out by the organization to improve the personal skills of the employees. Workshops were carried out by the organization to improve the personal skills (leadership, time management and etc) development in the organization. Through these workshops the employee can understand the own strengths and weaknesses. Self assessment is use to identify own weaknesses and strengths. Then improve the status of the weak points in the working place. The engagement of extra activities (meditation, yoga) and participation in committees and all reflect...

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