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Paying it forward
It was just another day, the sun was shining, people were talking and children were playing; this was all you could expect from a small town like Drisville. Adults were pacing quickly to not be late for work, children walking by holding the hand of their oldest sibling or parents having no care in the world and anxiously waiting to see their friends at school. It was a small and friendly community where everyone knew each other’s name. Upon first moving to this town, times were really rough. There were no job openings available and we didn’t have a place to sleep; we were homeless. People wondered who we were and where we came from because in a town as small as Drisville people realize when there is a new face in town. This is when a man that my family will forever be indebted to invited my father and me to his house for dinner. He was a pleasant old man nearing the age of seventy and he lived with his wife, they were high-school sweethearts and had been married for over 45 years. He offered us a room in the house but in our pride we declined it. As we were leaving the next morning he gave us an old soup stand of his and 300$. This small stand is what would change our lives and support our living, we decided to open a street-stand and with the money we were given we got everything. Everyday my father would wake up at...

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