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1. What are some of the safety concerns in a darkroom? What are some ways that you can reduce these risks?   There is a safety concern because of hazardous chemicals that can cause burns and illnesses. 2. Why do some photographers choose to develop their own prints? One reason is that the photographer has control over the actual outcome of the print. They are able to take the final decisions which is way better than leaving someone else take over that task for you.  3. What are the steps in developing a roll of film in the darkroom? To start the developing process you will take the canister into the darkroom. Place the developing chemicals into the developing tank. Then you will take the film out of the canister and wind it onto a reel making sure that there is no dust on the film.Then the end of the film will be inserted into the center of the reel.Now its ready to e placed into the developing tank. (The time and the temperature that you use is very important in the process, usually the temp of the developer should be 68 degrees F.You can keep this temperature by having the developing tank in a water bath with the desired temp.) Now that the film is inserted you will need to presoak the film with water. Then you are ready to add the developer and close the lid of the tank. The time has to be very precise. You wil...

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