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Marketing Ethics

NIKE – Socially Responsible?
• Sweatshops and child labor
overseas, with horrible
working conditions.
• Accusation: targeting lowincome families by making
shoes an expensive status
symbol for poor urban
street kids.

Nike responds by…

Implementing a companywide
ethical code of conduct

Commissioning an independent
study of Nike factories abroad

Creating a huge social responsibility

Donating more than $37 million to
sports programs and 3 percent of
earnings to charity.

Ethical Criticisms of Marketing

High prices
Deceptive practices
High-pressure selling
Shoddy, harmful, or unsafe products
Planned obsolescence
Poor service to disadvantaged consumers

High Prices
• Caused by:
– High costs of
– High advertising
and promotion
– Excessive
(greed & profit pressures)

Why do branded products cost more than

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