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Harvard and MIT launched 16 online courses from Full 2012 to Summer 2013, with a total registered student of 641,138. By doing the data analytics based on the this large database, Coursera is able to get the following extract information for guiding Coursera’s marketing of its new offering to people taking MOOCs.

First, Most typical register has been defined as American male from age 23 to 28 with a bachelor degree. Therefore, proper web design, web ad, SME, SEO, etc. can be created based on the preference of this group of people. Extending the marketing to a wider audience is also highly recommended for Coursera. Second, optimizing the online study process is a must to come over the problem of low certified rate due to the voluntary character of online courses. Technical support should be strong enough for Coursera to design, develop and track the educational process to make sure the pedagogical quality. Third, the negative relationship between start register time and number of interactions with courses highlighted the importance of innovation of learning and studying program for Coursera. Also, Coursera should make promotions based on the time trend in order ...

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