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Professions that tend to draw the ISTJ’s wants for schedules and results oriented satisfaction are general surgery, law and accounting. The ISTJ can be a success at any career but tend to shy away from careers that require abstract thinking and interpersonal spontaneity. Other popular ISTJ career directions include: Management, Accounting, Auditing, Engineer, Dentists, Stock Brokers and Law. ISTP-Is work that is routine like an administrator or open-ended like research is not what the ISTP is looking for. They need a career that will allow for spontaneous energy in problem solving and have a tangible, achievable goal. Other popular ISTP career directions include: Pilot, Police Officer, Medical Technician, and Paralegal. INTJ’s view work as another system that can be improved. They will become frustrated if not given the opportunity to make things better. They often do well in Laboratory environments where systems can be set in place to achieve maximum output, remember the maximum can always be better. Other popular INTJ career directions include: Management Consultant, Economist, Computer Programmer and Mathematician. ISTJ

Doing What Should Be Done
Dominant Function: Introverted Sensing
Thorough, dependable, practical, quiet and serious… ISTJ’s decide in a logical matter of fact manner what needs to happen. They seek to have the clearest knowledge possible through gaining knowledge and clarifying concepts. Then they work in an organized, orderly and steady manner to accomplish their goals. They value past experience, traditions and loyalty. INTJ

Everything Has Room for Improvement INTJ’s are long range thinkers and their task orientation helps to turn their visions to reality

Dominant Function: Introverted Intuition
Skeptical and independent, high standards of competence and performance - for themselves and others… INTJ’s are original thinkers, they appreciate logical analysis and thinking systematically and they turn their theories into effective plans for action. INTJ’s are long range thinkers and their task orientation helps to turn their visions to reality The INFJ enjoys working and learning and can often be found in the educational fields that allow for further development. They enjoy working and often take pride in the work and people they work with. They often forget to articulate this pride, which can frustrate those working with them. Other popular INFJ career directions include: Career Counselor, Psychologist, Special Education Teacher and Architects. INFP is the ones that wants to help their fellow man. The field of teaching is full of INFP’s as is church service groups and the medical profession. A big part of the ISFJ’s life is work. No matte...

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