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16 Pregnant Essay

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MTV TV series “16 and Pregnant”
“16 and Pregnant” “It shows the consequences of having unprotected sex and the reality of what happens after the baby is born.” They either choose to have an abortion, choose to keep the baby, or choose to give it up for adoption. Many of the teens keep the baby, but either drop out of high school and find a part time job or just dropout and stay home with the baby. Many people dislike the shows, but I think they help teens understand the realities of being unwed parents.

This show shows what it’s like to be a pregnant teen and they ask a lot of questions. Am I going to lose my reputation? Am I going to drop out of school if I get pregnant? How am I going to take care of this child? What’s going to happen to me? These are all questions you are going to have to think about when you are pregnant or even before you get pregnant. While watching this show, it helps you think of answers to all of these questions because they explain what it is like to be a pregnant teen. In “16 and Pregnant” the boyfriends usually stick around, but every once in a while they will leave their girlfriend because they think it’s just too hard to take care of the baby. They either give the baby up for adoption or have a very hard tim...

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