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Name: Mohamed Sayed
Class: Research Methods

The Nature and Tools of Research

1. State three statements that describe what research is not, and for each statement give an example that illustrate your point.

Answer: 1) “Research is not merely gathering information, for example: The teacher sent us to the library today to do research, and I learned a lot about black holes.” For this student, research means going to the library to find a few facts. This might be information discovery, or it might be learning reference skills. 2) Research is not merely rummaging around for hard‐to‐locate information, for example: Research is not merely rummaging around for hard‐to‐locate information. The house across the street is for sale. You consider buying it and call your realtor to find out much money someone else might pay you for your current home. “I’ll have to do some research to determine the fair market value of your property,” the realtor tells you. What the realtor calls doing “some research” means, of course, reviewing information about recent sales of properties comparable to yours; this information will help the realtor zero in on a reasonable asking price for your own home. Such an activity involves little more than rummaging through files to discover what the realtor previously did not know. Rummaging—whether through one’s personal records or at the public or college library—is not research. It is more accurately called an exercise in self‐enlightenment. 3) Research is not merely transporting facts from one location to another, for example: A college student reads several articles about the mysterious Dark Lady in William Shakespeare’s sonnets and then writes a “research paper” describing various scholars’ sugge...

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