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16 Things That Separate The Men Essay

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16 Things That Separate The Men From The Boys



11/21/14, 12:28 AM

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16 Things That Separate The Men
From The Boys

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NOVEMBER 19 , 2014





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Being a man isn't just about crossing a certain age or looking a certain way. It's a lot more. The world has a lot of brash, noisy, reckless boys but what we need are more responsible, composed

They Held Our Hand When We

men. In fact, it's a question that's been asked since time immemorial. What separates the men

Were Kids. It’s Our Turn To Do The

from the boys?


Here are 16 things that separate the men from the boys.

1. Men act. Boys boast.
While boys are interested in spinning stories and weaving tales, men just go ahead and do it.

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16 Things That Separate The Men From The Boys

11/21/14, 12:28 AM

2. Men command attention. Boys crave attention.
While boys try too hard to be the focus, men have an effortless way of being the center of attention without even trying.

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16 Things That Separate The Men From The Boys

11/21/14, 12:28 AM


3. Men are confident. Boys are insecure.
While it’s easy for boys to get flustered in the face of adversity,...

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