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16 Types Of Container Units And Essay

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16 Types of Container Units and Designs for Shipping Cargo Container units form the most integral part of the entire shipping industry, trade, and transport. These shipping containers are the structures that store various kinds of products that need to be shipped from one part of the world to another. Moving containers protect contents on the long journeys they make and ensure they make it back to you in one piece. As such, depending on the type of products to be shipped or the special services needed from them, container units may vary in dimension, structure, materials, construction etc. various types of shipping containers are being used today to meet requirements of all kinds of cargo shipping. Some of the most common types of shipping containers in use today are mentioned below. 1.       Dry storage container

The most commonly used shipping containers; they come in various dimensions standardized by ISO. They are used for shipping of dry materials and come in size of 20ft, 40 ft and 10ft.

2.       Flat rack container
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