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16 Ways To Measure Job Performance Essay

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16 Ways to Measure Employee Performance

Performance appraisal is a continuous process by which an employees understanding of a company’s goals and his or her progress toward contributing to them are measured.

Performance measurement uses the following indicators of performance, as well as assessments of those indicators

1. Quantity: The number of units produced, processed or sold is a good objective indicator of performance. Be careful of placing too much emphasis on quantity, lest quality suffer 2. Quality: The quality of work performed can be measured by several means. The percentage of work output that must be redone or is rejected is one such indicator. In a sales environment, the percentage of inquiries converted to sales is an indicator of salesmanship quality.

3. Timeliness: How fast work is performed is another performance indicator that should be used with caution. In field service, the average customer’s downtime is a good indicator of timeliness. In manufacturing, it might be the number of units produced per hour. 4. Cost-Effectiveness: The cost of work performed should be used as a measure of per...

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