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Social innovation and networking
Social innovations are the concepts, ideas and strategies that satisfy the necessities relating to human society and its members. These necessities include working conditions, health and education (Murray, R., Caulier- Grice and Geoff M (2010)). It has come to the realization of Elecdyne, a newly internationalized company, that some of the social innovations such as education and health can develop opportunities. The fields of education and health have provided very high opportunity for the marketing of the products produced by the Elecdyne electronic company. In the education sector, it has planned to base in the production of Wi-Fi internet radio player. This product can fetch a leading position in the market. The main target is the students and the education institutions that need to provide the institution with the internet. This device can aid in making the internet around an institution available at any place. In more than one way, this can increase the quality of education. Hence, it has played a very significant role in education as well as improving its market. It also finds application in companies that wish to have internet connection via the Wi-Fi to increase the efficiency of work in the company. Also in health centers in has application, for the proper flow of data among the employees to offer the smooth, fast and quality services. This Wi-Fi internet connection has proved its significance in health centers. The other product that seems to fetch market in the education is the portable projector. The company targeting the education sectors and the institution that offer different seminars has proposed this product. It has also targeted most businesses, as they need projectors to facilitate and make it easier to perform meetings. It has also been seen that the trend of the consumer use of projectors is increasing every day. According to the companies, analyses of the risk of the product are seen to be very low, as it has very high-energy efficiency. It is small and compact. These are the most excellent selling features in the electronic market considered by the consumers. It has also majored in the production of refrigerators. The refrigerators are ...

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