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Support others to promote children's communication in an early years setting.

Research has impacted on provisions for children's communication, language and literacy development. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) (DfE,2012a) identifies communication as one of the three prime areas of children's development and in the associated guidance it states what staff should do “make time to listen to children respectfully and kindly, and explain to all the children why this is important. Children will then know that they will be listened to when they raise injustices”.

A revision of the areas of learning has launched the 'prime' and specific areas of learning. Tickell points to the work of Siegal (1992;92, citied in Tickell, 2011) in which underlines the 'impact of experience on in born genetic potential' to justify their introduction.

The 'prime areas' cover personal, social, emotional development; physical development; and communication and language development – all of which are emphasised as significant areas of learning under threes (DfE, 2012a). the 'prime areas' follow through to the under fives, but added to these are the 'specific areas' of literacy; numeracy; understanding of the world; and the enw expressive arts and design to encompass imaginative play, music and dance, so named to move away from the traditional 'junk modelling concept of creative play (DfE, 2012a)

Important of language development competence is one of the main developmental events of early childhood. Helping children develop language skills is a major concern that staff have for children with developmental delays (Banato, Kantos, and Nelsworth, 1985) and part...

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