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Levels Of Government Essay

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The Commonwealth Government also known as the Federal Government is the topmost tier of the three levels of government. It effectively holds the most important powers and overrules laws and powers of lower tiers of government. There is only one Commonwealth Government and its leader is called the Prime Minister. In the present day, that is Julia Gillard. The State Government is the middle tier government. In Australia, there are six state governments and two self-governing territories. The two are the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory. Other minor territories take their own self-governance. The leader of each state is called the Premier, while the leader of each territory is called the Chief Minister. The Local Government also called council, city or shire, is the bottom tier of the government hierarchy. There are around 565 local governments in Australia, divided around Australia, bounded by each state. The leader of a local government is called the mayor of shire president. The Australian Constitution, formulated at Federation, in 1901, is the document that provides the overall framework for Australia’s system of democratic government and the relationship between the Commonwealth and state governments. The Commonwealth Government, and sometimes the State Government, as stated in certain sections, directly follows under this supreme law. Specifically, Section 51 of t...

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