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2. On the Constitution and its Purpose: Discuss the American brand of democracy characterized by constitutionalism, federalism, and separation of powers. How do these attributes enable the American government to function effectively for the welfare of its citizens and its national defense? Pull from Federalist 10 and 51 as well as our other readings to date. The Democratic Party develops their ideas on a basis that we are better together than on our own. They central their ideas on the world will succeed if everyone does their fare share, and follow the same rules. They look into advancing ideas like job creation, education, health care and clean energy. Democrats are very liberal in their ideas, and focus mainly on the needs of the state, and not the entire U.S. Democrats use three different political theories, one of which is called “Constitutionalism” theorized by John Locke, this theory makes sure the government is limited in its powers, and its authority depends on enforcing these limitations. The other theory is “Federalism” which is basically a relationship between the State and Federal Government, in means to limit the authority of the Federal Government. The “Separation of Powers” set in place by our Constitution provides our government with a system of checks and balances, a way...

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