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Government Assitance For Entrepreneurs Essay

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* Dence Ivan Paulo
* Lea G. Alarde
* Ladylyn Compil
* Ansherina Arellano
* Abdul Fattah Diampuan

Government Assitance for Entrepreneurs
The government provides lots of support for entrepreneurs who are wishing to set up their own business or who already have one. The government provides grant to businesses that are located in areas that have low employment and very little growth by the promotion and maintenance of competitive markets. Governments will prevent companies from abusing their power by taking action against monopolistic activities. This benefits businesses that are not in a monopolistic position, as well as safeguarding the consumer. There are various government program aimed at promoting small and medium scale enterprises that is made for the effective promotion of entrepreneurship. 1. Entrepreneurship, consumerism and cooperatives made its way to high school and college curriculums for them to be aware, to have an idea and to fulfill their objective that includes developing entrepreneurial attitudes and learning to start a business. 2. The government provides cost-effective physical infrastructures which is the essential platforms for the activities of any health economy. Sound policies and investment in infrastructure attuned to market and environmental needs will have an entrepreneurial return. An infrastructure that supports creative, innovative behavior attracts smart, entrepreneurial people. If those entrepreneurial people come to an area, they will help to maintain and improve upon the “smart” physical infrastructure they need to succeed and connect with other innovators and entrepreneurs to share ideas. 3. The government maintains peace and order to attract the investors to build new business enterprises because it is an essential ingridient to maintain econimic development, social order and political stability. 4. They give administrative support which helps the consumers to avail products/services from reliable entrepreneurs to avoid buying poor quality or fake products. 5. They provide some assistance programs to new entrepreneurs for them to be more knowledgeable, to train themselves, and others such as consultancy, financial, technical and marketing assitance to meet some problems they encounter. This includes; * Training and Consultancy Assistance are rendered by the Technology Livelihood and Resource Center, UP Institute for Small Scale Industries, Small Business Advisory Council and Design Center. They offer vocational courses and trainings for entrepreneurs, managers and development workers. * Financial Assitance

* Accessing capital and locating funding can be the most difficult task of any company seeking to develop their product.  The Development Bank of the Philippines can work with your business to identify and secure financing opportunities and build a network of financial support that will meet your present needs and prepare you for future growth. * Technical Assistance

* It is usually needed by entrepreneurs in terms of production and preparation of project studies which are requirements in lending purposes. Agencies of Department of Trade and Industry that can provide Technical Assistance: * Bureau of Products Standard

* Bureau of Patents
* Trademarks and Technology Transfer
* Board of Investments
* Product Development and Design Center of the Philippines * Cottage Industires Technology Center

* Marketing Assistance
* Delivering your product to the market is the ultimate goal of any business.  The agencies of the DTI (The Bureau of Domestic Trade Promotion; Bureau of Export Trade Promotion; Center for International Trade Exposition and Mission; and the Philippine International Trading Corp.) works with your business to help develop your product to meet the needs of your clients while also helping to plan and deliver a marketing campaign that connects your product to buyers.

A. Kalakalan 20 (Republic Act No. 6810)
AN ACT ESTABLISHING THE MAGNA CARTA FOR COUNTRYSIDE AND BARANGAY BUSINESS ENTERPRISES (CBBE), GRANTING EXEMPTIONS FROM ANY AND ALL GOVERNMENT RULES AND REGULATIONS AND OTHER INCENTIVES AND BENEFITS THEREFOR, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled:: Section 1. It is hereby declared to be the policy of the State that growth of countryside business enterprises shall be achieved through absence of bureaucratic restrictions and granting of incentives and other benefits. Section 2. This Act shall be known and cited as the "Magna Carta for Countryside and Barangay Business Enterprises (Kalakalan 20)." As used in this Act, the term "countryside and barangay business enterprises," hereinafter referred to as the CBBE (Kalakalan 20), shall mean any business entity, association or cooperative registered under the provisions of this Act whose: (a) Number of employees does not exceed twenty (20) at any time for the purpose of undertaking a productive business enterprise recommended by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) provincial office that will help develop the economy in its area. For this purpose, the term "productive business enterprise" shall not apply to business enterprises engaged principally in any of the following activities, namely: professional services, retailing, wholesaling or trading of commodities, products or merchandise; (b) Assets, at the time of registration as CBBE, do not exceed Five hundred thousand pesos (P500,000) before financing; and (c) Principal office and location of business operations are located in the countryside as defined in the implementing rules and regulations issued by the Secretary of Trade and Industry. Section 3. Countryside business entities shall, upon registration, pay Two hundred and fifty pesos (P250.00) to the municipality or city where its principal place of office and business operations are located to cover the cost of the issuance of the license to operate, known as the CBBE authority. All CBBEs shall be exempted from all taxes, national or local, license and building permit fees and other business taxes, except real property and capital gains taxes, import duties and other taxes on imp...

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