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Government Intervention Essay

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The American government is practically in our everyday
lives, including our private lives. The government is basically everything we do. It is the way we work, the reason why we look for a career, the way we eat or drink to conclude, the way we live. Sometimes it is a problem for most citizens but some other times, it is the real reason why they live better and maintain everything they have. The government is the people; it is education,

entertainment, peace but can be completely different at certain periods of time. As a prevention from too much government
intervention, the people of America have a representative dating since 1773,called the Tea Party Movement. This movement wants the government to stick to the real meaning and intent of the United States Constitution, meaning that the government should not use such law as the Elastic clause. The Tea Party Movement would also like to see the government reducing its speding, lower taxes and reducing the national debt and federal budget deficit. This means in one phrase, relief to the people. And yet, doing so would require more government intervention in our lives.

The Tea Party is like the real representative of the people, because it would like to see the government accomplishing everything the people request, which is mostly impossible because to maintain the law, the government has to follow the Constitution. Yet again, some of the government’s interventions are necessary for us, like the famous healthcare and health insurances, the social

securities, the military and even the food we eat.
The Party thinks we should be left alone to use, organize and regulate our businesses, schools and other utilities. Therefore taking care of our own taxes and national debt. The Party thinks that the government goes too far with the taxation, national spending, and maintenance of public facilities. But surprisingly, it doesn’t disagree with the government totally. It is against the Abortion law in most Sates along with the government. It believes that no fetus should be removed prior to labor term and even if there is a situation of rape-pregnancy, it still believes that the victim should carry the fetus until the end of the term. But for mostly everything else, the Tea Party Movement and the

government still disagree with e...

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