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Canadian Government S Main Focus Essay

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What do people see when they look at Canada? Do they see the natural resources and beauty that we have? Do they see a nation that is unified by our Canadian heritage? Everyone sees Canada in a different way, but what should be the government’s main focus? If the Canadian government focuses on our environment, Canadian Unity, and our Education system we will be a better nation as a whole for now and the future.

Canadian resources are some of the most relied on resources around the world including fresh water, timber, and oil. The Canadian environment is our most valuable asset and we are not keeping it in the best shape possible. Canada is home to 7% of the world’s renewable fresh water making us a leader in world water supply, and we have 20% of the world’s total fresh water. Health problems relating to water pollutions cause Canadians 300 million dollars annually. Why are we not keeping such a valuable commodity in better shape? The Canadian Boreal forest accounts for a third of the total Boreal forest’s in the northern Hemisphere. In 2011 Canada was voted the 3rd best air quality in the world. Could it be because of the amount of forest we have covering our nation? It is a scientific fact that trees produce oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide, but if we continue to cut down our forests you must assume then that we will decrease oxygen...

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