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Government And Biodiversity Essay

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Government Role in Biodiversity
A growing issue in today’s world is the role of government in biodiversity. Biodiversity, the relationships between all living things, could be the most delicate natural resource that we have. As with many controversial topics, there are arguments for more, less and satisfactory involvement. The specific aspect of this issue that will be addressed is the role that the government plays in controlling big game populations, particularly deer, bear and wolf. The control methods evaluated will include hunting, the Endangered Species Act, and regulating urban sprawl.

The first technique to review is hunting. A 2006 survey estimated that 10.7 million hunters pursued big game ("Hunting statistics and," 2008). The United States Fish and Wildlife Service recognizes that hunting is an important tool for wildlife management (“Hunting,” 2010). Regulations on this measure have been used to control the deer population by providing bonus tags, intensive harvest tags, and a lottery for antler-less deer. Additionally, multiple seasons are available for different modes of hunting including archery, firearm and muzzleloader. “Harvest limits can change dramatically from one area to another depending on management goals”(“Hunters in northeastern,” 2012). The newest hunting season created is for the wolf population. There has been a lot of negative concern expressed towards this event. The wolf season will be the first ever held in Minnesota, and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has set very specific guidelines for the inaugural season, including limiting the total harvest to 400 animals as well as requiring hunters to have a current hunting license for a differen...

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