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The Us System Of Government Is Essay

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The American System of Government is Broken
“Yes, we can!” was Barack Obama’s slogan that galvanized American people and gave a rife hope for America’s recovery. The United States has been confronting an economic downturn and the election of the new president in 2008 seemed “that new leadership would put right what had gone wrong with America” (Institute par. 2). Nevertheless, with all good intentions it looks like a more appropriate statement would be “No, we can’t!.” As a matter of fact, the US are facing a governmental logjam which arises from the inherent nature of the system, a form of government which was conceived more than 200 years ago, however, that “was downright altruistic by the standards of that time in history,” as Sparky Hall puts it on (par. 5). Indeed, in America policymaking is strikingly difficult and democratic traits are hardly noticeable, which all makes the American system of government broken.

As the first blatant flaw in the system can be considered the lopsided state representation in the Congress resulting from the process of gerrymandering. On the grounds of a decennial census required by the US Constitution the elective districts boundaries must be redrawn in order to reapportion the number of seats in the House of Representatives. However, the party that happens to draw the line may “[exploit] the map-making exercise by weakening the voting strength of some groups to gain partisan advantage” (Giroux par. 15). The most glaring example of map-manipulation was after the 2010 elections, “in which Republicans won the House majority and gained more than 700 state legislative seats across the nation” and conferred upon them the practice of redistricting (Giroux par. 6). According to the statistical election-modeller of the Princeton Election Consortium Samuel Wang, 26 out of the 33 seats Republicans outnumber Democrats in the House are due to gerrymandering and the total number of voters disenfranchised by Republican redistricting was around four ...

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