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P6 Governmental Support Essay

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P6 Grading Criteria

Explain how the government supports the
development of e-business

E-commerce sales 2008 –
£335 billion

What is the %
increase of ecommerce from
2008 to 2012?


DOO (Difference Over Original)
 (492 – 335) / 335 *100
 Answer: 46.87%
 Rounded to a full number: 47%

Lesson outcomes
To explain why the government supports ebusiness
 To identify the strategies of the UK
government for e-business
 To learn new terminology (SMEs, UKTI)

P6 Explain how the government supports the
development of e-business


Prepare a one page statement that
provides a description of how the
government supports the development of ebusiness.

Government and EU approaches to helping
businesses compete online, i.e. legislation,
funding, training.


Please also provide examples



Small and Medium sized Enterprises

UK Trade & Investment is a UK Government
department working with businesses based in
the United Kingdom to ensure their success in
international markets, and encourage the ...

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