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Should The Government Be Allowed To Essay

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Terrorism isn't James Bond or Tom Clancy. Even al-Quaeda is looking old school these days--now it's just some guy with a bomb. He walks the same roads as us. He thinks the same thoughts. But he's got a bomb. MICHAEL MARSHALL, Blood of Angels

Thesaurus defines terrorism as the calculated use of violence against civilians to attain political or religious goals. Knowing that a terrorist could be one among the thousands of innocent people walking on the roads is a scary thought. But so is a murderer, a thief, a rapist one among those thousands. All of them are out to hurt harmless people in some way or the other. How do we know who among a crowd of people is a murderer? So is it right to detain an innocent bystander blaming him for an act he hasn’t performed? It is not. The same way it is wrong to detain a person indefinitely in the name of a suspected terrorist for a crime he hasn’t committed. In December 2011 American President, Barack Obama passed a legislation under which alleged terrorists can be held without trial for unlimited period until all the hostilities end. They will be allowed to appear before a committee once a year which will decide if the d...

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