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The Justification Of Governmental Authority Is Essay

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 The justification of government authority is an eternal question that has been bothering people for centuries. Because of this, it is often hard to come to a consensus regarding what is in the best interest of a country. Indisputably, the source advocates strongly with the concept of individualism; the idea that the individual has an inalienable right to live it as he sees fit, to act on his own judgment, to keep and use the product of his effort, and to pursue the values of his choosing. Moreover, the source leads into thinking that individuals are called upon to take care of themselves as opposed as being strongly integrated and loyal to a cohesive group. When doing so, this will ultimately protect the citizen’s sense of freedom and independence within a nation state. In relations to ideology, it promotes the perspective of a capitalist economy, one which advocates a laissez faire economic system where the people are subjected to make the decisions for themselves with little to no government involvement. Proponents, such as the United States, live by these ideals in which the government has a small role in the planning and monitoring the economy. As a result, individuals compete heavily against one another to receive the maximum profit for themselves in a sufficient manner, developing a sense of personal freedom and achievement while doing so. Contrarily, countries such as the former USSR have supported the idea of communism and strong government intervention to serve as a nation’s best interest. In doing so, they have used large amounts of government control to restrict competition and control the output and distribution of the goods they produced. Evidently, this promotes the values associated with a collectivist culture in which the people a...

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