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E Government Service In The Uae Essay

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E-government service in the UAE

The UAE has one of the most advanced Information and Communication Technology infrastructures not only in the region but also across the globe. As per GITR 2010-2011, the UAE scored third rank in government readiness and fifth rank in individual readiness to use ICT, 18th rank for ICT-friendly market environment and 28th rank for ICT infrastructure in the UAE A new e-government web portal will help residents to pay bills and traffic fines, comment on government services and access information about the UAE. The UAE government's revamped website is compatible with social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter and accessible on BlackBerry, iPhone and Android smart phones. UAE residents will be able to access a wide range of services from a variety of government departments and also keep informed about changes in government policy, newly released statistics and information. The aim of the advanced portal is to provide more and better online services to the people of the UAE and also involve them in the government's policies, laws and public interest initiatives with The e-portal's services include the online payment of Zakat, water and electricity bills and traffic violations, in addition to the issuance of licenses, certificates, and documents by a number of governmental bodies. The website also has a special division for suggestions and complaints, a forum and a discussion room for topics related to services. There are also sections for polls and questionnaires regarding a number of issues related to government services. But the new website is not only aimed at residents...

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