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US History & Government

How does the US government and other foreign governments go about choosing Representatives during elections? Is it all the same process? With the history of both America and Australia, I shall compare and contrast all similarities and differences between both nations. When the American government was being formed it took a document called the constitution to help it. This document was written to certify that no one person or group of people would be able to obtain too much power; the creators formed a government in which the powers to Implement, Build, and Judge laws were abstracted. The constitution was founded by “The Founding Fathers”, Between May and September of 1787, In Philadelphia at the Constitutional Convention. The draft was sent to all thirteen states and was to become active when approved by nine states. It went into development on the first Wednesday in March 1789.

During the formation of the Australian government it also took a document called “The Australian Constitution” to aid it along the way as well. This document was created by the “Former British Colonies” (Six States) in Britain in 1901. The British colonies settled to join together and become states of a new nation. It was then the Australian Constitution was drawn up at the Constitutional Conventions in the 1890’s. The constitution was passed by the British parliament as part of the “Commonwealth” of Australia Constitution Act in the 1900’s and it took effect on January 1 of 1901. The Constitution is the...

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