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Minority And Majority Governments Essay

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Lucy Lizarraga
Socials 11
Mr. Carr
Minority and Majority Governments
A Government is a system of political direction and control necessary to the existence of civilized society. Canada’s government operates as a federal system, where an organization of provincial governments is each acting on behalf of its own residents. Along Canadian history, there have been many governments with different beliefs; as a democratic country, they participate with their political parties to govern Canada. They are classified into Majority and Minority governments; and they can bring advantages and disadvantages to Canadian people. Much of what happens in the government relates to party politics. The politics of Canada function with strong democratic traditions and as a modern nation; it is governed by one or more political parties which are fundamental to the parliamentary system. They all support some form of capitalism and the kind of parliamentary democracy that Canada currently lives in. Political parties are organized by different political and social ideo...

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