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The Government Should Control Internet Usage Essay

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The Government Should Control Internet Usage For Teenagers Lonny

Since the popping-up of the Internet during the last century, the number of Internet users has continued to increase. This is especially true over the past decade—Internet populations have skyrocketed. Nowadays, there are more than 2.4 billion people—over a third of the world's human population—have used the services of the Internet. The majority of people prefer to use the Internet as a valuable tool to research, study and work for it has provided us with effectiveness, benefit of saving time and resources. However as time goes on and the Internet has become widespread, more and more teenagers and children regard the Internet as an indispensable part of their daily lives. As a result, the government starts to face new problems—such as whether or not they should control Internet usage for children, including violent content, pornography and online games. Some people say no, because the contents help young generations better comprehend their realities and themselves. ...

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