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The Government And The Economic Essay

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The government and the economy

The gorenment is the major part to grow the economy and the policy in the markets. in our presentation we are going to explain how it effect on the economy and the level of the market. the goverment effect on the economy by the value of taxation and also the production of the country. Socialism countries

In the socialism countries an economic system based on the premise that some basic businesses, like utilities,
should be owned by the government in order to more
evenly distribute profits among the people. This kind of governments give a free education and free healthcare, longer vacation, generous sick leave. This make the country more complicated to owners capital because of this system. Also there are negatives of socialism, some of a countries best and brightest workers (i.e. doctors, lawyers and business owners)

move to capitalistic countries. ewer inventions and innovations because the reward is not as great as in capitalistic countries. So...

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