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Government Shutdown Essay

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As Obama Care has started, the government has halted at least, temporarily. Republicans, whose opposition to large federal government involvement is deeply rooted in history, stand against the enforcement of Obama Care. They believe that healthcare should be left up to the states, which use money given by the federal government. Many citizens have also cried in opposition, “Keep your government hands off my Medicare!” Ironically, Medicare is a federal health insurance program; the government has had its hands on Medicare since it started.

Another concern of this legislation is the rise in taxes. Money must come from somewhere in order to fund this program. Thus, when lower class people receive universal healthcare, they become dependent on taxpayers. In capitalist-oriented minds, this exemplifies lazy Americans who cannot and will not earn their keep. Furthermore, the Act intrudes on Americans’ right to choose their health coverage. Obama Care shifts the United States closer to Socialist status and primarily benefits the poor, “reaping” money from those who must pay for ...

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