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M1 Government Responsibilities Essay

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Responsibilities of the different levels of government
European Parliament
Current Had of the European Parliament: Martin Schulz

The European commission has 32 departments and 11 services named on the European Commissions’ website. “The Commission is divided into several departments and services. The departments are known as Directorates-General (DGs). On this page, each DG is classified according to the policy it deals with.” (EC, 2014) List of some EU Departments:

Agriculture and Rural Development (AGRI)
“Responsible for the implementation of agriculture and rural development policy, the latter being managed in conjunction with the other DGs which deal with structural policies.” (EC, 2014) Budget (BUDG)

“Responsible for managing the Community expenditure in the medium-term financial perspective and at the same time to ensure that the annual budgetary procedure runs smoothly by promoting a constructive dialogue between the institutions.” (EC, 2014) Climate Action (CLIMA)

“Leads international negotiations on climate, helps the EU to deal with the consequences of climate change and to meet its targets for 2020, as well as develops and implements the EU Emissions Trading System.” (EC, 2014) Communication (COMM)

“DG Communication, as a corporate communication service, brings Europe closer to its citizens.” (EC, 2014) Economic and Financial Affairs (ECFIN)
“Improve the economic wellbeing of the citizens of the EU - through policies designed to promote sustainable economic growth, a high level of employment, stable public finances and financial stability.” (EC, 2014) Education and Culture (EAC)

“Responsible for policy on education, culture, youth, languages, and sport.” (EC, 2014) Energy (ENER)
“developing and implementing a European energy policy. Through the development and implementation of innovative policies” (EC, 2014) Environment (ENV)
“To protect, preserve and improve the environ...

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