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Should The Federal Government Legalize Marijuana Essay

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Should the federal government legalize marijuana? Why or why not?
In society today, the debate to legalize weed or not is a very prominent and controversial issue. Even though there are a lot of positive and negative effects to smoking weed, I personally believe that there should be a law passed, that allows people over the age of 21 to smoke. Marijuana, also called Cannabis is a natural plant that contains a chemical called Delta-9-tetrahydracannibal, which is known as THC. Marijuana is a drug because it alters the brain’s functions and controls. THC is what is considered the addictive factor to weed itself. I don’t believe that teenagers should have a right to smoke anything, because cigarettes or weed because both have negative side effects to your body. There are a few aspects as to why I think smoking weed should be acceptable in society today.

First is what many have heard about the drug, just some basic known affects that the drug has on the human body. The drug can make you feel relaxed, feel happy, getting munchies (which could also be considered negative), increased enjoyment of music and art, more appreciation of the surroun...

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