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Ancient Athens Development First Democratic Government Sys Essay

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Ancient Athens could be known as the first pure democracy or a progressive government. The Athenians were the first culture to develop any sort of government system that could slightly resemble the modern day organization.

In Ancient times Athens was ruled by the king Ageais, then around 750BC the people in Athens developed on Aristocracy, which would greatly favor the rich and landowners (to be a citizen in Athens you had to be a landowner). Now one thing that the Athenians established was a figured called the Archon. The nobles would elect three archons to rule and oversee the city-state. There was the War Archon, who was the general of the armies, there was the King Archon, who was also the chief priest, and last of all there was The Archon, who was head of the government. Now after a few years the lower class began to complain about the laws because none of the laws were written down, and at any time the nobility were able to modify them for their own profit. Then in 621BC The Archon named Draco was the first to write down the laws so now there was a reference, as well as severe punishment for breaking them; someth...

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