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Can This Story E Saved Essay

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Can this story Be Saved

Last summer I was constantly reminded of the dreaded family visit to Aunt Martha’s farm. It annoyed me that she had a colorful garden that needed constant attention. I also sunburned easily but Aunt Martha didn’t care I was in pain. When I was at Aunt Martha’s I found it necessary to wake up at 5:45 which is the same time I wake up for school. I did this because of all chores and yard work. Trudging through the pain of my severe sunburn and aching body I always finished it in time for dinner. Aunt Martha always wanted us well fed; the only problem is her cooking is so bad even though I was starving I could never force myself to eat it. After that bedtime is always 8 o’clock sharp every night before the sun went down, before the chickens went to rest. I was positive s...

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