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Can Video Games Cause Violent Essay

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Can Video Games Cause Violent behavior?
People are often quick to blame when it comes to subjects that they are not familiar with; to get to the specifics – video games. Violent behavior in children is wrongly linked to the violence depicted in video games. Ever since the Columbine massacre, television, movies and video games have been a popular target potential target for senseless acts of violence (Park). The statistics of children who play video games in the U.S. is at an all-time high, and almost every video game has violence of some shape or form. A surprising 90% of video games sold in stores are of mature content. The theory that video games cause aggressive behavior is so widely believed amongst Americans that video games are taxed and have strict age restrictions. Each game is rated based off of the following: themes, language, violence, and drug usage. This essay will discuss the effects of violent video games on children and the results of the studies that were performed. Controversy over video games goes way back to the 1970’s, when the game titled Death Race was released. The goal of this game was to run over and kill Gremlins with a car. Many negative remarks and ratings were made after the release of this game because it was seen as violent and offensive. Production of the game was later stopped. Many people protested the removal of this game from stores and arcades. Protests later led to people destroying the game to get permanently rid of it. ( When the massacre at Columbine High School occurred on April 20, 1999, the controversy over violent video games was put under the spotlight again. The two teenage boys responsible for the shooting were reported to have been hard-core gamers. They constantly played violent video games. The details from the shooting resulted in hundreds of newspaper articles around the U.S. discussing that video games cause violent behavior amongst those who play them. Adolescents who play video games were targeted more than adults, due to the fact of age and development. ( In 2005 the American Psychological Association called for less violence in video games that are sold to a child. The possibility that there could be connections between video games and shown aggression towards women was a big concern. Grand Theft Auto has always been targeted for being controversial, but it wasn’t until Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, th...

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