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Can We Be Happy Essay

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Underlying the diverse motivations of human behaviour and characterizing the various modes of being in the world at physical, psychological and mental levels of experience, the desire for happiness seems paramount. Of course, happiness is subjective and is interpreted differently according to personal understanding and external circumstances. For some, reflection on the concept of happiness may be based predominantly on self - self-preservation, self-protection, self-satisfaction, self-promotion etc; for some, it may be focused on others – the well-being, safety, joy of one’s loved ones and even of mankind in general. Mostly, these two elements of focus, self and others, are intertwined and co-existent, albeit in different proportions at different times. One can scarcely be happy if one’s loved ones are suffering in any way. However, it ultimately comes down to the question: what makes me feel happy? Many, if not all of our decisions, actions, thoughts, plans, hopes and desires are, on some essential level, propelle...

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