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Can We Describe How We Design Essay

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The theme addressed in the section of “Can we describe how we design” (Brawne, M. 2003, Architectural Thought: The Design Progress and the Expectant Eye, Architectural Press, Oxford) clarified the distinction between design theory and design methodology and focus on 6 architectural design theories appeared in history by a thorough exploring and comparison of the reason that each theory holds. Among which there are two significant points that worth further analysis and discussion. Architectural Design is an ongoing process through history. It lives in its specific historical period, presents and reflects the typical characteristic of the building style of the time while it lives beyond the time. Any design throughout history is not broken segment – a dashed line. Rather it follows a historical continuity: Buildings in the past behave like models that inspire current new designs meanwhile the new designs inherit certain design theory from buildings in the past. Building form is influenced by geography location, local climate, material and technology, social form and culture. As mentioned in the lecture: Building form, function together with design theory will change with change of global climate, scientific and technical development, social restructuring and alternation of aesthetical appreciation. What is crucial and worth mentioning is architectural style and design theory are not changing over night but the process is actually a...

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