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Can We Indians Measure Up To Essay

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Can We Indians Measure up to our Glorious Forefathers?

Ours is the most ancient civilization that has always assigned the highest importance to dharma. Gandhiji and his colleagues carried on a fight against the alien rulers, without even slightly swerving from their principles. They did not secure merely political freedom for us; by their models, they have left an invaluable heritage of noble principles to guide us. They did not merely speak of guiding principles like Satya and Ahimsa; they practiced them, against all odds. The sacrifices they willingly made for the sake of India’s freedom and progress have inspired all the peoples of the world and earned respect for our country.

They have shown by personal examples how to conduct ourselves with truthfulness, honesty and patriotism even while facing the most difficult challenges. They have taught us that freedom and democracy have to be preserved by showing preference to collective welfare rather than immediate selfish gains.

It may not ...

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