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Can We Know When To Trust Essay

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The question advocates that we can from time to time trust our emotions in the pursuit of knowledge. And generally we presume that it may be possible to know when to trust emotions and that emotions can help us in the acquisition of knowledge. And you may challenge these presumptions. Maybe it is not possible to know when to trust our emotions, and maybe our emotions have a limited value in the pursuit of knowledge, but to what I aim to analyse is to what extent do our emotions play a role in the pursuit of knowledge.

After being elected as the captain of my house, a post which came armed with heavy responsibilities, my luck struck out in getting the ideal vice captain to assist me. Hence, I was forced to consider replacing my vice captain. Be that as it may, it just so happened that this replacement happens to be a good friend of mine, which led me to question whether or not I was doing the right thing. Am I choosing to replace my current vice captain out of whats best for my house or am I simply replacing him out of the emotional attachment for my good friend. Taking my emotions into consideration, my judgment is affected to some extent, but at the same time it doesn't mean that it prevents me form making the right decision. While I did want my friend as my new vice captain, there were also facts to support the way I felt about why my current vice captain had to be replaced. Having said that even if my friend turned out to be even worse than his predecessor then I would on some level act rationally and replace my friend as well with someone else. Maybe that someone else might be chosen on the basis of my liking of that person but nevertheless the fact that I was willing to strip th...

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