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Can We Live With Out Usa Essay

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Can We live Without America?

America after the end of world war 2 decided to end its isolation policies and entered in world politics as a neo-imperialist country which in practice try to dominate other nations by means of control over its market and installing pro-american govt.s there . American policies always have been formulated in a way that dependency should be a permanent part of the international arena in which developing and under developed nation depends upon core nations .American being the leader of core nations is always at the most advantageous position . America never takes Pakistan as his friend , but only a puppet to accomplished its objectives .America is following the policy of "no permanent friends only permanent interests" in which she declared someone a freedom fighter and the same person becomes terrorist in her dictionary at other moment .America has considerably dominated the international institutions like UNO, IMF,World Bank which are said to be the regulators of international politics, likewise USA dominate the world politics indirectly . Lets have a brief look on Pakistan . It is a periphery country on the international relationship map which adopted dependency policies since its dawn .Since its beginning days its survival was thought to be at stake , so policy makers sought a way of USA help in both socio-economic and military fields and our prime minister Liakat ALi Khan flue to USA in 1950 and begged her for help. It was the day we decided to live like beggars and with the passage of time our mendicancy reached to the extant that we have given up bothering to explore our abundant resources and left our destiny on others mercy . Why Pakistan is dependent on USA?:If we want to trace the reason of Pakistani dependancy on USA we would have to give a brief look on its initial conditions and its modern history.Pakistan had to face many grievances and disparities at the time of partition; lack of constitution , structural framework , bureaucratic staff , industries , absence of any defined governance system and more importantly presence of hostile neighbor in the form of india and unconcerned friend Afghanistan who did not give us recognition made ourself vulnerable to many internal and external threats .At initial stages Liaqat Ali Khan had 3 choices , 1.go with Communist Russia who showed some attentions through Ian 2.go with Capitalist western world led by USA .

3.join non alignment club , which India joined.
1. Formative Era (1947-1958):
Circumstances took us to USA and our Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan visited USA in May 1950. it is true that Liaqat Ali Khan received a very warm welcome, it is seldom mentioned that this was due to the foresight of President Harry S. Truman, who saw opportunities in Pakistan against the Soviet Union with which the United States was locked in a cold war. Truman eagerly cultivated his relationship with the emerging country. Liaqat Ali Khan was invited to address the House of Representatives.This warm beginning at the political level was, however, short-lived. Despite his warmth for the Americans, Premier Liaquat Ali did not sell Pakistan to the United States; he remained focused on pursuing a semi-non-alignment foreign policy in a world where the two super powers were forcing nations to side with them. 1.When North Korea attacked pro-American South Korea, Pakistan condemned the attack, but refused to send Pakistani combat troops to join the UN force on the Korean Peninsula. 2.The next major test for Liaqat Ali Khan came when the United States demanded that he should use his influence over Iran for the US efforts to secure the transfer of Iranian oil fields; Liaqat declined the request. The United States then threatened to withdraw its support for Pakistan’s Kashmir cause.Liaqat Ali Khan responded by asking the United States to evacuate Pakistani air bases; this was a bombshell in Washington.Liaqat Ali Khan was mysteriously assassinated on 16 October 1951, while addressing a public meeting at Company Bagh, Rawalpindi. . This assassination was a turning point in Pak-US relations, because after Liaqat, the rest of the politicians were merely fake coins in Jinnah’s pocket, as he himself describe them. Pakistan joined CENTO and SEATO in 1954 and 1955 respectively through USA influence.In 1957 $ 500 million of aid was given to Pakistan by USA for military an development purposes.PINSTECH and KANUP were Nuclear power station developed with the help of USA at Karachi for the use of Nuclear technology . 2. Ayub Era(1958-68):

The focus of America’s Pakistan policy now shifted to Pakistan’s military and since that first coup in 1958, there has never been a break in this military dominated relationship. There has never been a political leader who could wrest Pakistan free of US influence. Z.A. Bhutto is said to have tried and paid the price for his attempt to regain political control over Pak-Us relationship.President Ayub Khan was considered Model Leader of Third World, and initial era was considered as the Golden years of Pak-USA relations.Then Indo-Pak war of 1965 changed the whole scene , USA became angry on Pakistan by claiming that it has used US-weapon in war with India while those were Russian centric in purpose .Meanwhile Pakistan shifted towards an emerging power China for technological assistance as rivalry between china and India had been confirmed due to Indo -China war of 1962.War of 1965 1st time made Pakistan to realize that USA in only friend of its own interest , never can be a trust worthy friend . 3.Yahya Era(1969-1971):

is considered worst era in Pakistan history in all aspects .In 1971 Pak-Indo war USA 5 Fleet with aircrafts at Bay of Bengal never stopped Indian aggression against East Pakistan , which changed totally Pakistani attitude toward any USA policy . It gave a motive to Pakistan to think towards self security and unreliability upon USA for its security .It was clear then if Pakistan want to maintain its sovereignty it has to look for other alternatives .Even in 1971 Pakistan played positive role by arranging secret visit of Henry Kasinger to China to establish Chino-us relations. 4. Z.A.Bhutto Era (1972-1977) :

USA was unreliable for pakistan due to its role in 1971 war and Pakistan was not pleasant for USA because PPP led by Z.A.Bhutto was considered threat for US interests as the issues of 1.Islamic socialist state

3.Fascist FSF(Federal Security Forces)
4.Geatering of Islamic World (Islamic Lahore Summit 1974)
5.Nucear issue .
As India has done Nuclear test in 1974 Z.A.Bhutto said" We shall eat grass but we shall make Nuclear bomb" Henry Kasinger threat him in reply "We shall make a horrible example of you" 5.Zia Era (1977-1988):

Zia regime was installed with US help and Z.A.Bhutto had to pay the cost of two things ;Muslim world leader and Nuclear issue .Usa offered $400 aid package to Zia , but he refused it by saying it is "Peanut".Then another event came in the history which altered many things ;in 1979 Russian invasion in Afghanistan change the whole course of relation to USA.America offered $3.2 billion as military and economic assistance and Paksitan accepted it and became strongest alley of it in...

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