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Can We Live With A Nuclear Essay

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Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions

Can We Live with a Nuclear Iran?

Amyn Jivani


POL1102 D – Politics and Globalization

Professor: Dr Daniel Pierre-Antoine

Moderator: Dr Daniel Pierre-Antoine

War has commenced since the late 1800’s with over 150 conflicts and 600 battles occurring, and still taking place on a global perspective. People who witness war firsthand tend to feel that the most memorable moments are the moments that people wish to remember the least. The dilemma faced in society currently is the idea of Iran having the capability of possessing a nuclear weapon. Doing so will make them the tenth nuclear power in the world, adding them to a list involving; The United States, Russia, United Kingdoms, France, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea, and Israel . The major focus of today’s discussion is on Iran’s pronouncement to go nuclear. The first half of this paper will attempt to depict the pros for Iran receiving a nuke, and the cons of receiving a nuke. This will enable us to gain a non-biased view on the situation in Iran. The second half of this paper will summarize why ‘we’ cannot live with a nuclear Iran. The core purpose for acquiring nuclear weapons in a society is not to cause violence, but rather deter violence, which is a viable fit to any country using it for those specific purposes. This fact is proven by all the countries that already possess nuclear weapons. These weapons are utilized the same way that bouncers are used at clubs. To secure the vicinity and keep unwanted people out. Keeping this in mind, we must take into consideration the Non-Proliferation Treaty aka NPT. The NPT acts as a repellent of nuclear technology to countries as its primal objective is to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and technology and to promote cooperation in the peaceful uses of energy. With these restrictions, only 5 states were recognized as nuclear weapons from the 190 parties that were involved in the NPT. The United States, Russia, United Kingdoms, France, and China all possessed nuclear weapons, and are also the 5 permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. The controversy with trying to restrict Iran’s Nuclear Weapons development can be rewarded to the 4 non-parties that have alre...

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