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Can We Make True Friends On Essay

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Can we make true friends on social networking websites
Internet has a marvelous utility which connects people to share values and vision no matter where they live, what language they speak and whether they are sociable or not. As some social-networking sites provide an equal shared space where people can communicate with each other speaking out freely, individuals have new ways to meet more friends. In the materialistic age, we can see reality and hypocrisy everywhere so many people go into the Internet world to find themselves and true friends. However, such a virtual world hides many false aspects and everything looks so nice. So people can escape from the real life and be addicted to it. Before being heavily hurt, people are extremely comfortable with all the information and emotion in virtual community since they cannot use their senses as effective as in the real world. After their happiness is smashed, they feel great contrasts and make a common conclus...

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