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Can We Still Believe In Professional Essay

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Can we still believe in professional sport?

“Lance Armstrong has won the tour de France for a record seventh time!” The famous words which left the world of professional cycling at the feet of Armstrong’s prowess and athleticism. The great Lance Armstrong, the “true” sportsman everyone had grown to admire. Eight years later the news of Lance Armstrong’s doping can only be described as the biggest fraud in sport. As we all know cycling is a sport plagued with corruption and doping scandals, however the time it took for the Anti-Doping Agency’ (USADA) to find the illegal substance used has led me to believe that professional sport is no longer credible at all. Who’s to say they’re not all doping now? Our doping controls seem to be either corrupted or without means to identifying the sport enhancement drugs. We see corruption and doping in many other sports too, such as the latest scandals in athletics and football. The bribing and betting scandals like the notorious ‘calciopoli’ seem to hover over the world of sport like a dark cloud. This brings me to question the integrity of sportsmen; have professional sportsmen beco...

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