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Can We Sympathise With Women In Essay

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One of the women characters to who may show sympathy towards is Daisy. Daisy throughout the novel is oblivious to the fact that Tom, her husband, has an intimate relationship with the character Myrtle in a very public way. This is one of the ways in which we, the reader, sympathise towards Daisy, not only because of the fact that Tom is cheating on her with other characters but, the public way in which this affair is being carried out with everyone aware of Tom and Myrtles relations, other than Daisy yet saying very little to her about it. We further sympathise with Daisy over this case as the ever growing contrast between the personalities of the character Tom and Daisy are brought to light, with Daisy seeming to be an angelic, pure character, in a relationship with a less caring and vulgar man. We are reminded of this, when Tom and Nick are arguing over whom Daisy loves more. Tom openly admits around the table that he has cheated on Daisy “multiple times” however, she doesn’t care and that they pull through this. Here as a modern day audience we sympathise with Daisy, thinking of the emotions she would must have felt being cheated on multiple times by the man she is married to, and being in a relationship with a character who seems so horrid in the way he addresses the relationship and openly goes about doing so, making the reading infer that she is so in love with Tom, that she is willing to stay with him not matter how much she is hurt. Further sympath...

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