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Can You Feel The Love Tonight Essay

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Letter Notation : J. Nelson, June, 2013

From The Lion King - By Elton John

Can You Feel The Love Tonight (In Progress)
Key of : Bb

Bass Progression:
Eb - Bb -


Chords: Eb (Eb-g-bb)



Bb (Bb-d-f)




Cmin (C-eb-g)

min 7

F (F-a-c)

Gmin7 (G-bb-d-f)

Right Hand (Melody)
G A Bb C Bb ↓F – G A Bb C Bb – G A Bb- Bb C Bb↓F↑ D – Eb D C D C – There's a calm sur-ren - der

to the rush

of day

When the heat


a rol - ling wind


be turned a - way

G A Bb C Bb↓F – G A Bb C Bb – ↓G A Bb↓F F ↑ F↓D↓Bb↓G -↑ Eb D C D C– An en-chant-ed mo - ment, and it sees me through

It's e-nough

for this rest -less war - rior

just to

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1 2 2013 6/20/13 7 abb away b bass bb bb-d-f beat believ best bond c c-e c-eb-g calm cd chant chord chorus cmin copyright cross d d-f day dc der e e-nough eb eb-g-bb ed educ elton en en-chant- enchant enough er everyon eye f f-a-c far feel g g-b g-bb-d-f g-c-e gmin7 got hand heart heat i-ight ight introduct j john june kaleidoscop key king laid last learn less letter lh liev ling lion love lyric make melodi ment min mo moment move nelson ni night notat nough outdoor owner p person progress properti provid purpos reason ren rest restless rh rhyme rhythmic right rior rol roll rush ry see star star-cross sur sur-ren surrend time togeth tonight turn twist updat us use vag vagabond ve voyag wan wander war warrior way wide wide-ey wild wind work