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Can You Have Just A Friendship Essay

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DeVry University

There’s nothing wrong with a man being friends with several females. Unfortunately, when it comes to woman, a lot of the times when she has a lot of male friend’s people think something is wrong with that, and she needs more female friends. Even the guys she dates’ starts to not like her hanging out with her male friends. Some people believe that woman and man can’t be genuine friends without ever getting physical, especially if the female is attractive. I for one am a believer that this is true.

My best friend is male, and he and I have been friends for 16 years now. And we have never done more than hugged, and we do this every time we see each other. Of course no one believes that we have never done anything, including any of our mates. But I think that it’s a plus to have a real friend of the opposite sex. I have asked his advice about men and I have given him advice about women. The sad part is that even though our mates knew about our friendship coming into the relationship, it still became a problem and issue. We tried to involve our mates by having couples dinners, game nights, but nothing worked. They hated that we talked on the phone, as much as we did and still do. It had come to the point that we would have to sneak on the phone.

But our friendship has out lasted our relationships. I have never been sexually attracted to my bff, and he’s never been sexually attracted to me. I classify our relationship as more brother and sister then anything. But I am 16 years of proof that it can and does work.

Before we dive into the science, let’s start with the public perceptions. A survey of more than 1,450 members of the dating site (perhaps not the most unbiased sampling) found

Some interesting stats: 83 percent of those surveyed believe men and women can be platonic friends, while 11 percent disagree and six percent aren’t sure. At the same time, 62 percent of respondents admitted they’d been in a “platonic” friendship that turned romantic or sexual. And 71 percent said they hoped a hypothetical future romantic partner would be their friend first.

Even though we’ve just written an entire article about people being...

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