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Can You Hear Me Now Essay

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Can You Hear Me Now?
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Raymon Ward
July 17, 2014
Composition II – Gregory Mccoy

“Can you hear me now?” a catch phrase used in a cell phone commercial in which a man roams around with his phone making sure he has a signal. It’s a valid question, even in an age where we can communicate in more ways than ever before. It seems as if everyone is more accessible, wifi is everywhere, and even those who can’t afford to support themselves can have a cell phone. Internet capable technology is extremely affordable, and people across the world are adapting to this new wide world of communication. The world is changing, and experts are divided about the consequences of the fast-growing new ways people have to reach out to each other. Social media is now the most popular way to keep in touch with old friends, new friends, and family. Text messaging, along with its altered lingo, has almost replaced telephone calls and voice mail messages entirely. Business meetings have been replaced by emails or internet based conference applications such as Skype. Customer service is defined now by automated voice recognition software as well as long, complicated touchtone menus. Societal courtesies are forgotten, as people forego their manners to check their phones in mid-conversation. Technology has changing who we are, how others see us, and what we feel is important. Refusal to accept this fact will not stop this change, rather it will leave an individual frustrated and unable to keep up with the rest of the computerized world. In this fast paced world, adapting to new technology is essential, new and faster ways of human contact have changed the way we relate to one another and refusal to adapt will only leave one behind.

The early 2000s introduced us to social media with the now almost defunct Myspace website. It was the first opportunity we had to create our own image in cyberspace, by allowing us to customize our own page with photos, interests, and music. Having been an amazing success, Myspace paved the way for other websites, like Twitter and Facebook. Companies began to rely o...

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