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Can You Keep A Secret Essay

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Can you keep a secret?
Okay. First of all, my penmanship is worst than a kid’s hand writing. So I just had this type written. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not too idle to not write this down. I actually tried writing this down, but I couldn’t read it myself either. So I thought resolving to typing would be more legible. :D ***

The thing about lying is that you have to do it to protect. I mean take this girl that I talked to last bequeathal night, if told her that her dress colored with every colors of the rainbow shouldn’t be worn in the first place and that it should be burned as soon as she gets home, she might get depressed. And it will be my entire fault Another thing about lying is that you have to do it to protect yourself. It’s a natural defense mechanism when you get stuck in a tell-the-truth-or-die situation. Therefore, from grade six to the present, approximately four years, I have told the following lies: 1. I don’t lie…only when necessary

2. “I’ll study later”
3. “Gosh…you’re pretty”
4. “She such a great partner! I wouldn’t have done this project without her help” 5. I’m not sarcastic
6. I haven’t experienced my first kiss yet! [hilarious story behind it] 7. “I love your gift last Christmas…pretty…uhm…mug [?]” 8. “The rose? I just got this somewhere around campus. Isn’t it such a coincidence, and on valentine’s too.” 9. My c...

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