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Can You Sense Your Hormones Essay

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1. Explain how adaption relates to our thermoreceptors and touch receptors. How we feel cold only when something cools or warms the thermoreceptor and not by the absolute temperature. We are accustomed to a particular level of warmth and adapt to it. What is referred pain and how can it be dangerous? Referred pain is when something, usually internal organs, cause some other part of the body to feel the pain. It can be dangerous if someone with a heart attack have pain in their arm, and they might not recognize what is happening to them. 2. Why olfaction and gustation are considered “chemical” special senses? Both olfaction and gustation are chemosensory systems. Chemoreception means a molecule from the environment binds to a receptor on a cell's surface. The receptor is shaped to receive and then respond when a specific type of molecule b...

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