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Can You Trust An Eyewitness Essay

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Mohd. Khan
Can You Trust an Eyewitness?
Eyewitnesses are people who are present and observe the crime or event taking place. Before the discovery of DNA and forensic testing, most of the accusations in court were made by the eyewitnesses. But even now-a-days, the statement of an eyewitness is taken into first consideration when there is no forensic evidence available; it makes the case a lot harder to convict the criminal as eyewitnesses cannot be trusted in most occasions. There are three main psychological reasons for this judgement of mine; these reasons are attention, retention and reproduction. Attention relates to how much attention a person pays attention towards some particular on-going situation taking place in their surroundings. Usually people do not pay attention little details that take place around them such as face, ethnicity, height, figure, placement, etc. as their minds are more occupied by the outcome of the event or failing to notice as the event takes place too quickly. As an example I would like to set a situation where a gas station is ro...

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